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    Welcome to BookSalesReport, the best and largest online book sales reporting in the world.

    Functional reporting at your fingertips that adds value to your marketing strategy while helping you see the big picture of your book sales. If you are not tracking global sales for your books, you are not selling at your full potential.

    BookSalesReport is a unique online reporting website that has the potential to report on all your book sales, not just Amazon. The knowledge gained from global reporting will shift your understanding of your true sales. Even if you only sell on Amazon, seeing how one book affects another’s sales, as well as how Amazon Campaigns affect book sales will greatly help you in taking your sales to new heights. Not to mention comparing sales years and income.

    BookSalesReport is dedicated to making your life as easy as possible when it comes to understanding your sales. The upload interface currently accepts a number of retailer reports without you needing to do a thing other than save them in CSV format. We are constantly adding new retailers to our upload list. However, if yours is not yet added, there are other option such as the generic format or single record upload. This makes it possible to track any sale from any retailer, even those sales you made by hand yourself or from your website.

    What Are The Benefits Of Global Reports?

    Reports are essentially pattern recognition. For BookSalesReport.com, it is pattern recognition on your book sales. There are a number of benefits to knowing the global patterns or trends of your sales. A few are listed below.

    Increases Effective Planning
    By analysing past sales, you will see a pattern for when in a year, or month a book sells best. If you plan on releasing a sequel, you can schedule the release for when the other books sell the best to maximise sales of the new book. You will also be able to predict income from book sales in advance and plan accordingly with your expenses and advertising. This is tremendously important for long term strategies. If the first book or books in a series are just not selling, it may be better to switch to a different story or genre than continue with the same series. The same if sales are dramatically dropping from say book 4 in a series. You may be better of going to a new story and series.


    Reduced Loss
    By knowing what advertising campaigns are truly affecting sales over time, as well as when is the best time to increase advertising funds, you will minimize on lost advertising costs that go to empty clicks. By viewing the effects on events such as a book cover or description update for one book, you can decide if it is worth it to invest in the rest of a series or not. By noting the sales difference between print and digital sales over time for books you have, you are better equipped to decide if the books you write is worth creating print versions. By comparing one book’s sales against another, you can decide on which book to spend your advertising money on. In a series or book bundle (same book topic), one book will naturally sell more than another, with the next one selling less and so on. If the ratio dramatically drops from one book to another, then there may be a problem with that book that needs fixing. Say 10 people buy your first book in a series and eight of them buy your second book, but only one of that eight buys your third book in the series, then you may need to look at book two.


    Increased Understanding of Where Your Sales Are Coming From
    Markets go up and down. Sometimes it is hard to see if there is something wrong with your book or the market is just down. By splitting sales between channels and print and E-book versions, you can see trends over time. You may notice that one channel’s sales are constantly going down while another channel’s sales are going up for the same book. Or that your print sales are starting to overtake your e-Book sales. This allows you to plan accordingly.


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