BookSalesReport Privacy Notice

Last updated: June 15, 2018.
By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Notice. knows and understands that you care how information about you is used and shared.

What Personal Information is Gathered?

Following are the types of information we gather.

  • Information You Enter Into Your Account: To create an account you need to at a minimum give your email address, first name, and a password. This information is used to ensure that only you can access your account. Your email and first name is also used when corresponding to you

  • Automatic Information: When you create an account, the date is recorded and stored. Additionally, each time you make a payment that date and payment amount is stored to allow you to see a history of your billing. When you upload a file and an error occurs, an entry with your account ID is stored so that technicians can contact you should it be needed to resolve an error. A copy of the file you tried to upload is also made on the server for inspection. This is to help you experience a smooth process when uploading files. When the error is resolved, the record is removed as well as the file.

  • When Uploading Files: When you upload files to the website, the information in the files is stored in the database to allow you to run reports. A record is created with the file name and date that you uploaded the file. This allows you to run reports later should you wish to see or edit the records you uploaded for a given file. The file itself is not stored unless an upload error occurs.

  • E-mail Communications: All email communication is stored to help with future communication. A confirmation message may be received by us when you open an email, if your system supports it.

  • Information from Other Sources: We collect nor give out any information to outside sources.

  • Banking, Credit and Debit Card information: We neither collect nor store any banking, credit or debit card information.

JavaScript and Cookies?

JavaScript is needed to run the reports on the website. You need to have JavaScript enabled to use the website. Cookies are unique identifiers that is used for automatic login as well as session variables to allow information to be passed from one webpage to another as you run reports. Cookies needs to be enabled to use all the functions on the website.

Does Share the Information It Receives?

No, unless we believe doing so is appropriate to comply with the law. We are a sales reporting website that allows you to run reports on the sales data you have uploaded. We neither sell nor give out any information you provide or those we collect automatically.

Which Information Can I Access?

You can at any time open your account and view information you have provided about your personal self. You may edit and delete some or all information as you see fit, except an email address, first name and password. The minimum information you need to have an account is an email address, first name and password.
All sales records you have uploaded are at all times visible to you under the sales maintenance window.